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Make Friends and Discover Cultures

How does it workโ€‹

Custom your profil on Twinin

1. Custom your profile

Users get to create a beautiful profile, add images, write on their wall and start making friends.

2. Search

Find a correspondent to live an unforgettable experience with Twinin. All you have to do is follow your instincts and your heart!

Search a Twiner

3. Match

Choose profiles you like, add them as friends and start talking to learn more about them!

4. Live the exchange

Final step, validate your exchange with your Twiner. Enjoy your adventure and focus on discovering a new culture and new friends!
Live the Twinin adventure

Why would you go on an exchange?

Twinin offers you the chance to travel via an exchange. This new way of travel will let you embrace a new culture. By living with and like a local, you will truely undersand what is the culture you are discovering. This type of travel will also let you improve your language skills, and will give you the opportunity to create social links with incredible people. Don’t hesitate and join the adventure!