Terms of Service

Last update: September 15, 2021

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Article 1 – Conditions relating to users

1. Our mission.

Our mission is to connect people, from all walks of life, who want to discover a new culture by traveling through the exchange of pen pals. To find out more, consult the profile of members called “Twiners”.

2. Searching and booking on Twinin.

2.1 Search. 

You can search for twiners using selection criteria such as the destination of the trip, the age of the correspondent for example. You can also use filters to refine your search results such as the hobbies of each member. The search results are based on their relevance to your search.

3. Cancellations, travel problems, refunds and booking changes.

Generally, if you cancel a reservation, the amount you are refunded is determined by the cancellation policy applicable to that reservation. If an event beyond your control requires you to cancel a reservation, you may be eligible for a partial or full refund under our Force Majeure Policy (Section 22). If your correspondent cancels or you experience a travel problem, you may be eligible for assistance in rebooking, or a partial or full refund (Section 22). You may contact our customer service department at any time.

4. Your responsibilities.

You are responsible for your own actions and for each person you invite to join you on an exchange or experience. 

Article 2 – Terms and Conditions for Guests

5. Hosting your pen pal in your home.

5.1 Host. 

As a host, Twinin offers you the possibility of sharing your accommodation and experience with our community. In exchange, you will have the opportunity to be hosted and have other experiences in your pen pal’s home. You control how you host your pen pal and the rules for each exchange.

5.2 Contract with your pen pal. 

When you agree to carry out an exchange on the Twinin platform, you enter into a contract directly with your pen pal and are responsible for the exchange, both you and your pen pal.

6. Managing your exchange.

6.1 Know your legal obligations. 

You are obliged to understand and respect all the laws and regulations which apply to your exchange. Check national and local regulations for rules that apply to the host services you plan to offer. 

6.4 Hosting a pen pal. 

From the moment your exchange student arrives in your city, you and your exchange student are responsible for his or her safe arrival at your home. Be sure to make arrangements in advance so that you are not caught off guard. 

7. Cancellations, travel problems and reservation changes.

There are two types of cancellations:

  • His responsibility: if your correspondent cancels his visit to you or if he cancels your visit to him.
  • Your responsibility: if you cancel your arrival at your correspondent’s or his arrival at yours.

As a host, you must not cancel a pen pal’s reservation without a valid reason in accordance with our Force Majeure Policy (Article 23). Indeed, if your correspondent cancels your arrival, he is responsible and if, conversely, you cancel, you are responsible.

If you cancel a twiner’s reservation without such a valid reason, we can impose certain consequences. 

Twiners are responsible for any changes to their reservations that they agree to make on the Twinin platform.

Article 3 – General Terms of Use

8. Evaluations.

After each exchange, the correspondents have the possibility to leave each other a comment. Your comment must be precise and may not contain any discriminatory or defamatory remarks.

9. Content.

The Twinin platform allows you to provide textual content, photos, information, etc. By providing content, you grant Twinin a royalty-free license to publish, transmit and disseminate this member content in order to promote the Twinin platform in any medium. You are therefore responsible for all this content.

10. Rules of the Twinin platform.

There are certain rules that must be respected:

  • Act with respect: do not lie, be polite and respectful with other users, do not discriminate.
  • Do not hack into the Twinin platform in any way that could affect its functioning.
  • Not to use the Twinin platform outside the framework of these conditions: not to send commercial messages, not to use the content of the Twinin platform without our consent.

If you think that a member is going against this, you must contact Twinin immediately. 

11. Suspension of a member.

If you have repeatedly received bad feedback or if Twinin becomes aware of complaints about your performance or conduct, Twinin may suspend or limit your access to the Platform. Nevertheless, you may appeal this decision by contacting us.

12. Settlement of disputes and claims.

If a member provides evidence that another member has wrongfully damaged his or her real or personal property, the complaining member may seek compensation through our damage claim. In this case, the other member will be given the opportunity to respond. 

13. Role of Twinin.

We offer a platform for members to find a pen pal abroad. When members make an exchange, they enter into a contract with each other directly. Thus, Twinin can be part of the contract as a third party when it becomes the travel organizer. 

Nevertheless, while we do our best to ensure that our members have excellent experiences with Twinin, we do not and cannot control the conduct of twiners through their exchange. 

14. Member Accounts.

You must create an account to access and use many features of the Twinin platform. Registration is only permitted for natural persons who are 18 years of age or older. You must provide accurate and complete information when registering, and keep your account information current. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your account information. Twinin may ask you to provide proof of identity in your name for verification purposes. 

15. Liability.

Twinin may be held liable under the applicable legal provisions in the event of intentional and serious fault on the part of us, our legal representatives, directors or agents. 

16. Indemnification.

In the event of problems during your exchange, you are responsible unless your correspondent is at fault. However, if you choose to use Twinin as a third party service for your exchange, i.e. to entrust us with the role of trip organizer, you will be able to use our insurance in the event of any problems (repatriation, etc.).

17. Role of travel organizer

If Twinin becomes your travel organizer, several advantages are offered to you through an all-inclusive service including :

  • Booking of airline tickets
  • Insurance in case of problems (refund, repatriation, etc.)
  • Better contacts since you will be in constant interaction with the Twinin team
  • Accommodation with your correspondent

In short, Twinin takes care of everything, you just have to pack your bags!

18. Law and jurisdiction.

The present conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with French law and you may bring any legal proceedings relating to them before the competent court in your place of residence.

25. Non-discrimination policy

Twinin is, in essence, an open community, whose aim is to bring together women and men from all over the world by encouraging the sharing of enriching experiences between people from all walks of life. Twinin is characterized by its rich diversity, bringing together people with different cultures, values and standards.

We are all committed to doing our utmost to try to eliminate any type of prejudice or discrimination from our platform.

Twiners are not allowed to:

  • Refuse a reservation because of skin color, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation.
  • Deny a traveler because of a real or perceived disability.
  • Posting an advertisement that includes disincentives or preferences based on a traveler’s disability.

What are the consequences of not adhering to our non-discrimination principles?

If a member refuses travellers on the basis of discriminatory criteria or creates an advert which does not comply with these standards, Twinin will take action to ensure that these standards are respected, which may go as far as suspending access to the platform.


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