Privacy Policy

Last update date: September 15, 2021

Twinin aims to redefine the travel experience. Our service is tied to values such as sharing, hospitality, and exchange. We are a community built on trust. Twinin’s mission is to connect people from all walks of life to discover new cultures. On the platform we strive to keep each user’s privacy, we only share the information you have given us for the purpose of using our service. Your information will only be accessible by all users of the platform.

Twinin is reserved for people who are 18 years or older. The data collected allows us to act, in the interest of the community, in several fields of action:

Diversifying the offer, by providing you with a unique offer, according to your preferences. To find partners who are likely to be interested in Twinin and therefore improve and/or offer new services on our platform. Depending on your preferences, we may establish connections between twiners.

This policy of collecting and processing information is in accordance with the general conditions of use and the use of cookies. We invite you to read these documents to learn more about our management methods in the processing of data.

Article 1 – Personal information collected

1.1 Information you provide directly to us:

When you use the platform, you give us personal information through the registration form:

  • Contact and profile information: first name, last name, telephone number, your postal address, your e-mail address, your date of birth, and your profile picture. Identity
  • Verification: images of your ID (in accordance with applicable law), ID number, address, etc.
  • Additional profile information: gender, hobbies, language(s) spoken, place of residence and a personal description.

1.2 Data we collect automatically:

When you log in, through a feature of a social network such as Facebook, we can retrieve all the information you carry on the account. Thus according to what you like we can propose you twiners who share the same interests as you.

On the other hand thanks to the IP address and connection data we can retrieve relative information to geolocate your devices. This is done through the use of cookies. (link to the use of cookies)

We can also find information about you with the reviews you have left and those you have received after an exchange.

1.3 Personal information collected from third parties.

We collect personal information from other sources, including:

  • Third Party Services. If you sign in with a third party service (e.g., Apple, Google, Facebook), you ask that service to send us information such as your registration, friends list, and profile.
  • General Information. For each member, we may obtain the local equivalent of a criminal record or sex offender registration.
  • Sponsorships. If you are invited to the Twinin platform, the person who invited you may send personal information about you such as your email address.

Article 2 – Our use of the information we collect

2.1 For the development of the Twinin platform. 

Your personal information is used to :

  • Access the Twinin platform,
  • Communicate with other twiners,
  • Provide user support,
  • Send you messages and account notifications.

2.2 Create and maintain a secure environment. 

Your personal information is used to:

  • Select and prevent fraud, spam, abuse, etc,
  • Verify the information you have provided,
  • Conduct background checks,
  • Meet our legal obligations, protect the health and welfare of our users,
  • Comply with the law, respond to legal requests, resolve disputes between members and protect our rights.

Section 3 – Sharing Your Information

3.1 Sharing with your consent or as directed by you.

When you give your consent, we share your information as indicated at the time of consent, for example when you allow a third party website to access your Twinin account. 

3.2 Sharing between members

The information that you publish is also known by the members of the community, so each user can learn more about you through what you publish. You are the only one responsible for it.

On the occasion of an exchange request or a dispute, some information can be shared between twiners, notably profile information, published comments, etc.

Some information can be publicly visible by other users such as your public profile page (profile picture, your description, etc), comments, evaluations and remarks of other members. This information may also be displayed on third party sites, platforms and applications.

3.3 Compliance with legislation and protection of our rights.

The purpose of sharing this information is to improve the platform and each step is intended to help our community. This avoids any claims against Twinin, and in order not to face legal recourse, it is necessary to comply with the conditions of use.

In order to comply with our legal obligations, we may share information about twiners with the competent authority (courts, police authorities, government), both during the application process and, if necessary, periodically thereafter, such as the full name and contact details of the host, their home address, and details of the stay (price, duration…).

3.4 Twinin partners.

Our partners also have access to your personal data. On the other hand, all the networks with which you have linked your twinin account also receive your personal data. This allows us to generate leads, traffic to Twinin or to promote our services.

Article 4 – Other information 

4.1 Commercial offers

The details you have given us, i.e. telephone number and e-mail address, may be used to inform you of our commercial operations by means of newsletters. In addition, we may contact you in case of events that may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive promotional offers, simply uncheck the box “I wish to receive promotional offers by email” you can contact us to surprise these sendings. 

4.2 Other third party partners and integrations.

Certain parts of Twinin may be linked to third party services which are not owned or controlled by Twinin, such as Google Maps/Google Earth. The use of these services is subject to the privacy policies of these suppliers, such as the Additional General Conditions of Google Maps/Google Earth. Twinin does not own or control these third parties.

Article 5 – Your rights

5.1 Management of your information.

You can view and update some of your information by accessing your account settings unless you have connected your Twinin account to a third party service, such as Facebook or Google. You must modify your settings via these third party accounts. 

5.2 Retention of your data.

If you have not closed your account, we may retain the information for 5 years. In case of a deleted account, the information is kept for 1 year. However, if you have submitted a negative review, it will be kept for 2 years. In case of account deletion on our part, all information will be kept for up to 10 years depending on the offense.

Article 6 – Modifications to the privacy policy

Twinin reserves the right to modify the current privacy policy in order to comply with applicable legislation. We will publish the updated version of the privacy policy. 

If you do not agree with the new conditions, you can delete your account. However, if you do not delete your account before the date on which the new version comes into force, your access to the platform will be subject to the new privacy policy.

Article 7 – Twinin contact details 

For any questions or complaints regarding this privacy policy or the treatment of personal information by Twinin :

  • Contact Twinin, 28 Chemin de Pasmoulet, Orlรฉat, 63190, France
  • By email : [email protected]