About us

Hello my friend

We are here to build emotion, connect people and create happy stories.

Twinin is a platform built to connect people around travels and cultures. 

Connection between two people

It’s all about humans

The mission of Twinin is to connect with people from different countries to discover new cultures with a new way of travelling.  

Making unforgetable connections

Find Twiners that live in your dream destination, connect with them and discover the world!

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Find your Twiner

Choose a destination, select a profil, chat with Twiners, and go on an adventure!

Discover new cultures

Understanding different cultures will allow you to open your mind and see your world differently! 

Become a Twiner

Twinin has been created to open the concept of exchange to everybody, so there is no limit! We just need you to be open minded and to have fun!

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Meet Twinin founders

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